It's raining, It's pouring....

       Today is one of those days that I would normally love. And I mean LOVE.
       It's grey.
       It's chilly.
       It's RAINY.
       Except that I have to WORK in it. :(

       Here's me walking around for hours in the cold rain getting soggy, and not being able to get warm again, and then getting even more wet.

well, enough complaining. I scheduled myself for today, so who do I really have to blame??

I'm working with Anthony's company to help cut costs, and contribute to our more than reasonable rent.... so here I am working about 4 days a week. going to school sometimes, and trying to be healthy and get active.

A friend of mine is training for a half marathon, and I've been doing some training runs with her. She normally runs at a faster pace than me, so I had to ask her to slow it up a bit.. but we can run further :) That's been fun. I've also been continuing to attend run club with the girls from Lululemon. They're so fun and energetic. It's a really good time. :)

Still waiting to hear about that job.... let's not jinx it shall we?

Christmas Season

Well ladies and gentlemen. I assume nobody ever visits this blog since I have deserted it.... But I thought I'd give an update of life lately just for myself. 

My husband and I ran the Dana Point Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. It was tons of fun.... ok that's a lie, I'm glad we did it, and it was nice to have my husband running with me, but about mile four I wanted to Cry my knees hurt so bad... We got through it, and got pretty cute T-shirts!. :)

Thanksgiving dinner was Amazing. My husbands family is huge, and awesome, and it seems like every holiday I get to meet even more members! Good times, and Great Food.

I am Loving Christmas this year! I have been decorating and planning my very first Christmas Party... I hope someone comes!

School is boring, and I'm working for the family business more lately, so life's continuing on. 

We moved into a new apartment in Irvine, and we LOVE it. It's Brand New spacious, and lovely. I am happy for me. :)

well, maybe I'll write more later, but for now, have fun!

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I know that I haven't posted food pictures for a long time, but the truth is, I have been busy and boring, you would have seen alot of these:

Spring mix salads, with mushrooms, goddess dressing, and today some olives.

Smoothies of course. And quite a few salad and soup combo's from Panera Bread. Super yummy!

Well. I was supposed to meet a friend for aerobics this morning, so I got up early to get some b-fast (banana w/ PB) but she bailed on me. I was already at the gym early with aspirations of a couple miles before class so I decided to run 5 miles instead of class. I really need to start racking up the miles for my training. But about mile four my knee was telling me that it was time to quit :( bummers. That pain needs to go away!! It wasn't as bad this time, at all, but still worrying....

Oh well, no time to worry, lots of biology homework! ;P

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Crisis Averted

 Well I had a scary weekend.

I hurt my knee on friday while doing a run. I had put off running monday through thursday because I was so focused on school that I didn't feel I could squeeze in the running. Summer Quarter is becoming quite the time suck! Anyways, on friday I was running along, and about mile two my right knee started to ache. I figured it was no big deal because it didn't actually hurt. But then when my hubby texted me around mile five, and I stopped running for a min to send him a reply, I had a big surprise. I tried to start running again, and found myself in so much pain! My knee was seriously hurting. it was so strange because I didn't do anything to injure it! My Knee just decided that it had had enough. Out the window flew my plans of a vigorous running weekend to make up miles for the week of school work.
I spent that night, and the next two days icing my knee, and trying not to bend it, (bending was what caused the pain) and by monday I was able to do a cautious two miles without any pain. Tuesday I managed two and a half miles, and wednesday, well school won out again. I do have plans for a good run tomorrow though :)

So, I am so glad that my knee is back in good form, and I need to get back on the wagon for my training!!!
wish me luck!

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Blueberry Cupcakes anyone??

Yesterday I made Blueberry cupcakes, and they are pretty bomb :)

I also ran 7.73 miles.

this week I ran 


I am trying to follow a plan, and it's working pretty well so far :)

 I also start summer quarter today. My first class is at 1 pm, so i get to sleep in for a few weeks. sadly, in a month i will have a class that starts at 7 am!! that'll be a challenge. 
I bought a biology book yesterday from a guy off of craigslist, and am really hoping that it is the right one! he said he just finished bio 20 at saddleback, so I should be golden :)

Maybe I'll go for a walk this morning?? it's nice and sunny!


 Yesterday I decided that it was Tupac's Un-Birthday !!! :) yeaaaahhh. I was at our friendly neighborhood Petco, and finally bought the LIVE Catnip that I see there. I figured he'd be suitable appreicative.

He was in Cat heaven :) His little eyes got so big!
He sniffed and sniffed, then started chomping down on the delicate little great leaves. :) 

He was pretty intent. I salvaged the plant to be revived and give pleasure another day :) 

MMM, dig your face in!! Lol

Tupac also decided, in his catnip induced stupor.... that my phone was his new toy. :( new awesome teeth marks in the screen protector of my phone... I'm scared to take it off and assess the damage.

I am getting back on track with my Half Marathon Training Plan.. which is basically this

Run at least three times per week, 
1 easy run approx 4 miles
1 medium run, approx 6 miles
1 Harder run, approx 8 miles

In between these I do cross training such as 
Step Aerobics <-killer!
Strength training on the equipment

I am going to keep upping the mileage of my harder run, and see how it goes. I have about a month... Wow! is that all!! somehow it still seems like the beginning of may! just yesterday it was the first..... :(

I need some good motivation for recipies.. I've been pretty unmotivated to make yummy food lately.. more cereal and such... cottage cheese with fruit.. which is all well and good, and I do get in the peanut butter and such, and ALWAYS a good banana smoothie or two :)

Speaking of, My new favorite Smoothie?? Well, I kinda snagged it from Caitlin at but mine is a bit different.

It is a banana (or 2)
about ten frozen cherries (YUM)
a heaping teaspoon of Dark Chocolate Milk Mix from World Market (fair trade)
and about half a cup of NF plain Soy Milk

man, this smoothie is BOMB! I Love it! so flavorful, the chocolate really makes it. Sorry no picture :) I've been slacking on that front lately. 

I did do some pretty amazing Outdoor Rock Climbing last week that was a great experience that I hope to repeat very soon! :)

I am really enjoying getting back into rock climbing, and it's been so fun finding people to go with me! I also met a couple of hard-core climbers at the gym, they are the people with the gear, and knowledge that made this outdoor trip possible. :) it was MALIBU, and gorgeous. 

I am fo sho taking Anthony Hiking there, it's great :)

In other news. I am starting Summer Quarter on Monday, and am SO SCARED of Biology!!! I Hated biology/science in highschool, and seriously hope that I just have the most amazing teacher ever!!
Cross your fingers for me!

Also, I am taking an english class that is at IVC, a college that I haven't scoped out yet, and is further away from me... and it's an evening class. but luckily, only monday and wednesday.. I had gotten it in my head that it was monday through thursday!!! Whew! :) 

well, that's enough for now, Have Great Fun!

contagious anger

 I suppose everyone has a tendency to be influenced by other peoples anger, maybe you would not have let IT bother you, but your friend is so upset about it that you feel the need to be indignant too. 
I am writing a paper on contagious emotions, and this story is funny :) 

Let me tell you another story. This time it’s a confession from a man who understands the destructive power of anger.
This wise person says:
I went to the store the other day, and I was in there for only about 5 minutes.
When I came out there was a motorcycle cop writing a parking ticket.
So I went up to him and said, "Come on, buddy, how about giving a guy a break?"
He ignored me and continued writing the ticket.
So I called him a pencil-necked Nazi.
He glared at me and started writing another ticket for worn tires!
So I called him a piece of horse manure.
He finished the second ticket and put it on the windshield with the first. Then he started writing a third ticket!
This went on for about 20 minutes... the more I abused him, the more tickets he wrote.
I didn't care. My car was parked around the corner.
I try to have a little fun each day. It's important.
enjoy your day!!! 
and don't let others influence your day in a negative way :)

Happy Early Cinco De Mayo!!!

I have had a pretty amazing last couple of days! Let's start with yesterday, shall we? I had school, bleh, but then spent the afternoon with family, got to see a newborn baby, who apparently is huge? and had dinner with my in-laws, which was btw super yummy :) there was rice, and green beans (yum) and pork with jelly sauce, washed down with a MGD. lol, 
after which we dipped the biggest strawberries EVER in melted chocolate! WOW! it was phenomenal. 

yummiest strawberries EVER!

Check out the SIZE on these things

This was a treat. Then I went home to try and sleep in preparation for m

In preparation for my First 10k!
I really didn't think that I would have a hard time sleeping because didn't feel nervous or anxious at all yesterday, but as fate would have it, I slept awful, and felt wide awake all night! Only when it was time to get up did I feel like I could probably sleep a few more hours! :P

Anthony was a great sport, and woke up at 6:15 this morning to go with me to the race and cheer me on. It was great having him there to enjoy the moment with me :)  He was wishing he could run it too, but has been having some knee problems lately, hopefully next time!!
We got there pretty early because I needed to pick up my packet, and wasn't sure how busy it might be. Turns out that it wasn't busy at all, but it still was nice to get there and relax before the race. It was a bit chilly, but not too bad. I didn't want to take off my sweatshirt till we were ready to start.

Me gettin my swag bag... about the only good thing in this was the mini cliff bar :) but some cupons and stuff. I was still fun :) 

chillin at the start line

I had so much fun at this race!! I have never raced before, and it was so great running with all these other people! It really kept me motivated the whole time! The first 4-5 miles I was running with/behind this girl, and pacing off her a bit, and was going to tell her how great that was for me, but the last mile, I'm not sure if I slowed down (probably) or she sped up, but I lost her ;) There were so many people to watch, and adorable little mariachi bands on the corners that the race went by SOooo fast! I ran with one headphone in most of the time to enjoy the bands and people :)
I had a blast, and am so glad that I was able to participate in this run, and raise some money for the pediatric cancer research fund. :)

I didn't prepare very well the day before though! With missing lunch, not drinking hardly any water, and gorging on amazing chocolate and strawberries ( I really only ate one, and some extra chocolate...) I wasn't feeling the best when I got home. Also I forgot to eat b-fast! oops, it was just too early to remember stuff. so after I ate the mini cliff bar, and tried to take a nap... but my tummy wasn't having it. I had to get up and hydrate and eat some breakfast. :) 
It's about 5pm now, and my headache finally went away (just in time for some homework) I definitely learned my lesson! muchas agua!
sweaty happy finished me!

I was incredibly stoked with my time! I finished in 54:10 with an average pace of 8:44/mile, and placed 13th in my age category... (which sadly was 25-29) for the 6.2 miles.
I ran WAY faster than even when I was training with anthony! About half way through I worried that I would fail the last half, because I had started out so much faster than I normally run (10:00/mile) but even though my last couple miles were slower, it was up hill, and not that much slower! I was stoked! Anthony hadn't even made it back to the finish line because I finished so much sooner than I had anticipated! Which was sad, but good at the same time :) 

I only drank the water at the stations once through the run because that one time made my tummy feel really sloshy, and it wasn't a super long run. Plus, it takes waayyy too much coordination to drink water from a cup while running!! my face was dripping, and my shirt was wet... lol, oh well :) 

I am very happy about today, and have a cool medal to make me feel special :) 

Hello World

Hello world :) Today was nice so far. :) 
Anthony and I slept in till about 10!! I think it was because we had covered the window that the sun streams in through, so we weren't woken up by the super nova! :)

Yesterday my back hurt so bad that I couldn't even sleep, but I took it easy yesterday, and went to yoga last night, which is always awesome. Today I can't even feel the pain from yesterday :) Yay!! such a relief, I was worried!!

I went to a pilates class at my yoga studio, and it was pretty great. A packed class, but the teacher was nice :) I enjoyed it, and will probably go back. Then I headed to the YMCA and ran an easy two miles on the treadmill. It was nice, Rachel Ray was on the Food Network, I Love Rachel Ray when I am running! :)

Check out this bit of fun that my Hubby and lovely little Tupac were having this afternoon :) 


I am wondering where my motivation has gone. Sometimes I suppose, life just stresses me out to the point where other areas of my life suffer, specifically I used up all my motivation, and had none left over for exercise... Honestly very little left for self control in the eating department too... I may or may not have drank 1.5 bottles of wine last night... hmh.

I woke up this morning to the body of an eighty year old woman instead of my twenty five year old one. I actually was awake at 6am today because my lower back hurt so much I couldn’t sleep anymore. :( bummers. It’s sporadic like this, and I can’t even think of what I did to make it flare up again. I barely drug my butt to school. I flaked on Aerobics class for fear of making it worse, and took it easy and slow in yoga class, which I think helps relax and stretch my back into shape. :)
I am feelin a bit better now, and am hoping my motivation re-appears tomorrow so i can get another run in before the 10k this saturday. Wish me luck.

sorry for the absence and short post, I’l let you know how this deficit clears itself up.