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 Yesterday I decided that it was Tupac's Un-Birthday !!! :) yeaaaahhh. I was at our friendly neighborhood Petco, and finally bought the LIVE Catnip that I see there. I figured he'd be suitable appreicative.

He was in Cat heaven :) His little eyes got so big!
He sniffed and sniffed, then started chomping down on the delicate little great leaves. :) 

He was pretty intent. I salvaged the plant to be revived and give pleasure another day :) 

MMM, dig your face in!! Lol

Tupac also decided, in his catnip induced stupor.... that my phone was his new toy. :( new awesome teeth marks in the screen protector of my phone... I'm scared to take it off and assess the damage.

I am getting back on track with my Half Marathon Training Plan.. which is basically this

Run at least three times per week, 
1 easy run approx 4 miles
1 medium run, approx 6 miles
1 Harder run, approx 8 miles

In between these I do cross training such as 
Step Aerobics <-killer!
Strength training on the equipment

I am going to keep upping the mileage of my harder run, and see how it goes. I have about a month... Wow! is that all!! somehow it still seems like the beginning of may! just yesterday it was the first..... :(

I need some good motivation for recipies.. I've been pretty unmotivated to make yummy food lately.. more cereal and such... cottage cheese with fruit.. which is all well and good, and I do get in the peanut butter and such, and ALWAYS a good banana smoothie or two :)

Speaking of, My new favorite Smoothie?? Well, I kinda snagged it from Caitlin at but mine is a bit different.

It is a banana (or 2)
about ten frozen cherries (YUM)
a heaping teaspoon of Dark Chocolate Milk Mix from World Market (fair trade)
and about half a cup of NF plain Soy Milk

man, this smoothie is BOMB! I Love it! so flavorful, the chocolate really makes it. Sorry no picture :) I've been slacking on that front lately. 

I did do some pretty amazing Outdoor Rock Climbing last week that was a great experience that I hope to repeat very soon! :)

I am really enjoying getting back into rock climbing, and it's been so fun finding people to go with me! I also met a couple of hard-core climbers at the gym, they are the people with the gear, and knowledge that made this outdoor trip possible. :) it was MALIBU, and gorgeous. 

I am fo sho taking Anthony Hiking there, it's great :)

In other news. I am starting Summer Quarter on Monday, and am SO SCARED of Biology!!! I Hated biology/science in highschool, and seriously hope that I just have the most amazing teacher ever!!
Cross your fingers for me!

Also, I am taking an english class that is at IVC, a college that I haven't scoped out yet, and is further away from me... and it's an evening class. but luckily, only monday and wednesday.. I had gotten it in my head that it was monday through thursday!!! Whew! :) 

well, that's enough for now, Have Great Fun!


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